Q : Is my file protected while making Grammar Check?

A : The thing that restricts many people from availing these innovations of technology is the privacy issue. We understand that it takes several days, weeks or even months in producing work for the writer and they must feel reluctance if there is no assurance by the website about their privacy protection. The material that is created by the hard work of many days by writers can easily get wasted, and their concern is right that if the work they have done is used by another person and takes all the credit. Our grammar checker assures privacy protection to all the people. Our grammar checker never saves any file that is going through a grammar or spelling check .

The grammar checker does not hold any record of the text or files that are gone through for the check of grammar. We highly respect the user privacy. Therefore, our databases do not carry the functionality of saving anyone’s data. Our grammar checker never indulges you in the processes of sign up and log in to be able to consume our grammar check free tool. We offer you an entirely free service which respects your privacy and never makes wrong use of the data you have entered to make grammar check. You must feel free to use our grammar check as it is one of the best free grammar checkers online.