Q : What can be disadvantages of Grammar Checker?

A : As the technology makes the life of its user easier, the complete dependence on the technology can be harmful. Similarly, grammar checker has many advantages for its users, but there are few disadvantages too that should be kept in mind. The users of grammar checker must keep in mind that technology can sometimes face issues and you might end up with inaccurate results and might not detect all the mistakes from the text you entered. If the people proceed with the text without making changes to the grammatical blunders, then it might result in the bad reputation for their career. Some of the grammar checkers online are just general and does not have the ability to identify the advanced mistakes, therefore, if the people check their grammar with these grammar checkers, then the outcome for the users would not be accurate or what they wish it to be. It is necessary for people to learn the mistakes that the grammar checker detected so that if in case the tool is not identifying the errors in the text then you must have the capability of detecting out the mistake from the text yourself. The individuals who use grammar checker ends up totally depending on this tool; it becomes a serious concern as the complete reliance on this tool is not the motive of producing this tool. This tool has been designed as a learning tool for individuals by detecting the errors and providing a quote with the error that carries information about the error incurred and how to amend it. The users start completely relying on the grammar checker, instead of learning from their mistakes so that they would be able to write the errorless text without the use of this tool. If the user completely relied on this tool then he might face problems like not being able to produce the work when the Grammar checker is upgrading or the internet connection is not available, it will make them scratch their heads and will hurt the reputation they built with the help of grammar checker.