Q : Does Grammar Checker only check text in English?

A : Grammar check free online is not limited only to English Language only. Grammar check free online is grammar check free software that provides its users to run a quick grammar check on texts in many languages. Most of the grammar checker online tools are limited to English language only, and that too just for the American English. When you open our website 'Grammar-Checker.org”, you will see a text box. Below you will see two options from where you can decide the language in which you want to make grammar check. When you will click on the box where “English” is written. You can opt for the language you prefer, as you will see the languages that our grammar checker free online tool supports.

This free, powerful English grammar checker supports more than 30 languages that include the most common languages like Russian, Chinese, French, Persian and many others. The grammar check free also provides an option of “auto-detect”. If you choose this option, then grammar checker will itself detect the language of the content you entered and provide you with its grammar check. We are quite sure that no other grammar and spelling checker supports these many languages for checking grammar.

Our aim is not to restrict the grammar and spelling checker to only English language that’s why we provide you with a range of different languages on which you can make grammar check. You are allowed to make grammar check with any of the language provided in the list. If you face any difficulty in checking the grammar of any language with our spell check website, feel free to contact us unless the language is not on the list. Our grammar check free makes sure that you are provided with the best service on the text you have provided. There is another option that helps you select the variation of the language. For example, if you have chosen English language, then you can also decide the variation of your text that includes Canadian, American, British, Australian and New Zealand. The best free grammar checker is for everyone.