Q : How does Grammar Checker work?

A : Grammar checker is an online tool that is very simple and easy to use. There are many grammar checking tools found online as well as there are the grammar checkers built-in in some word processing software like MS Word. The grammar checker from our website is available online for free for the people all around the globe. Anyone in a few easy steps can use the grammar checker. First of all, you need to know what the requirements are you must fulfill to be able to use a grammar checker. To use the grammar checker, you only need to have a device on which you want to run the grammar checker and the internet connection, that’s all! The steps involved in using grammar checker are very easy. First of all, you need to enter the URL of our website. As our website opens, you can paste the text you wish to make grammar check on in the text box provided. Another option which our grammar checker gives you is to open the file from the saved files you have. After opening the file or pasting the text, you can click on the “Check Grammar” button that is present below that box. As you click on this button, in a matter of seconds the grammar checker will identify all the mistakes that have been incurred in the text by you by highlighting them within the text. As you will move on every highlighted word or phrase, you will see the suggestion or description of how to correct that mistake. The grammar is an essential element of any language; when it comes to English grammar, then there come numerous grammar rules which are too hard for any of us to remember and implement while writing. Therefore, people must use the best free grammar checker tool from our website.