Q : Does Grammar Checker limit the number of words in a text for checking?

A : There is no limitation in the number of words that you enter to grammar check free online for making grammar check. You can check your lengthy documents on our grammar checker with no limitation in the number of words. Many of the grammar check software place a limit on the number of words; they allow you to make grammar check on 500 or 1000 words. But, our best free Grammar Checker provides you a platform with no limitation on the words. The reason behind this is that we want to provide our users with the best grammar and spelling check.

The free online spelling and grammar check tool examines each sentence of your text thoroughly so that you get a report of errors you have made in each sentence. If there would be any mistake, the best free grammar checker on our website will flag it for you so that you would easily know about the error. The grammar checker tends to save your time which you would waste in checking your context in batches on any other website which imposes a limitation on the number of words. The grammar check a sentence works for you as a teacher as well as a student. Your teacher reviews each sentence of your assignment to identify the errors you have made. Similarly, grammar checks free checks the punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes for every sentence from start to end.

If you use any other grammar checker, you might forget about the text that you didn’t correct with the tool. To save you from splitting the text into batches, our free grammar check online tool has not restricted the number of words so that you check and correct the text at once. As there is no limitation in the number of words, go ahead and check your lengthy thesis or papers with Grammar Checker on our website.