Q : What is grammar Checker?

A : The grammar checker is part of modern world’s technology that has made the life of people easier. The primary function of a grammar checker is to identify the grammar errors from the text provided. Not just grammar errors, the grammar checker also identifies the spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and the sentence structure mistakes from the text. Moreover, grammar checker not only provides the identification of errors, but it also gives the suggestions about how to rectify that error. The grammar checker is an easy to use tool. The grammar checker works even as comma checker, which identifies even the mistake of the comma from the text. The comma corrector also suggests where to place the comma which is missing from your text. A grammar check tool is basically a tool for students who in daily routine sends the documents and essays to their teachers. The grammar checker helps them to locate and correct the errors from their text which helps them gain good marks. Not only students, other people involved in writing tasks such as businessmen can also make use of this best free Grammar Checker. Most of the graduates who have learned the grammar rules in the school have forgotten these rules. Therefore, it is mandatory for these people to take assistance from the grammar checker which can help them write better and can save them from the embarrassment which they might have to face with poor grammar. It is mandatory for the people with writing jobs to produce a flawless work to get success in the fields they are working in. Hence, it is recommended to make use of grammar checker before submitting or passing out the text. Otherwise, they will have to suffer a lot of consequences due to poor grammar.